* 38 Yrs.-Coopworth Sheep!                    WOOL          20+ Yrs.-Highland Coos!           

...........from Our Sheep to Ewe!       WALKABOUT

"HOME" is Where the HEART Lives...September 2020

Hope'n'Bev Yankey
The photo below was used for our Christmas Card  in 2009.  

...the house, the garden, the barn, the hills....The Farm!

We are devoted to being Stewarts of the Land


Sister and Brother to All Creatures


with whom we share this farm and wildlife refuge

We Love What We Do……

the Ups and Downs of this Journey 

are the Source of our Strength

the Light of "Another NOW" 

the NOW that we Share with All Sentient Beings...Emaho!      

Hope was trained as a Color Chemist, but likes living life as 'The Lone Ranger'!

"I was trained as a "Color Chemist". I worked in the dye and pigment industry and traveled throughout the eastern US in the late 1970's and early 1980's .  I had wanted to raise sheep, grow wool, "live off the land"--on a working, sustainable, "out-of-the-box", smaller farm. I was a make-it-happen farmer-wannabe then. And, when I first saw THIS farm September 21, 1981, I knew immediately the 'TARDIS had LANDED'!  It was not about the house or the location, but that THE FARM was isolated, off the beaten track, had had decent sheep pasture and some fencing, and most importantly, 'exceptional' ground and well-water resources.  I purchased 30 acres and retained a first option on the remaining 200 acres of the farm in December of that year..  Two years later I quit my industry job.  


Now, 39 years later, I am doing what I love, loving what I do....I am that 'make-it-happen-farmer-wannabe' turned farmer....conservationist at heart.  I love DYEING WOOL--color and color matching are my passion*, but more than that, I love the many animals that share my life, the land that I share with them, and the farmer-man that helps me to manage it all.".....................'baa hope'


When Not Dyeing Wool.......

Hope's Gone WALKABOUT with her LGD 'GIRLIWHIGS'...And, No, SHE DOES NOT walk on water!
Ah, but the dogs do!!
(Sissy, 10 years old / white & "Auntie" to Mikey, the tan / black muzzled pup & Annie, the 'in-between')

...and the other 'half', Bev...

Here, Bev is plowing snow with his JD 5300 and front-end blade...January 2016!

The man that shares this life and this farm with me is Bev Yankey. I met him in early spring 1982 at a local square dance.  We were married in November of 1984 much to the surprise of everyone that knew me then.  He worked 'off-the-farm' as a machinist permitting me to exercise my dream of raising sheep and dyeing wool 'backyard' style.  We were fortunate to have been able to purchase the remaining 170+ acres of this farm in 1994 and prevent its being developed into residential lots.  Bev retired from his job six years ago.  The front--end blade for the JD tractor was my retirement gift to him!  His retiring was HIS gift to me!! I am able now to do all of those things that were often pushed to the 'back-burner'...editing this website, for one.   It has been a blessing to have known and shared this journey of 38+ years with this man.  

He, too is doing what he loves--muddling through chores, working on farm projects, and taking care of me and feeding the dogs!