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"Apple-Jack Allen MacKay" (Registration Pending)

son of Apple Hill's Basil Reg. # 55567 and our Agnes Gail Reg. #45811

A most extraordinary Highland Bull calf....at only 10 months looking good! 


Scottish Highland cattle were on the endangered list of becoming extinct 30+ years ago.  However, more than 50,000 cows and bulls have been registered in the United States in the American Highland Cattle Association to date. Their heritage is one of hardiness and ease of calving. We chose to raise HIGHLANDS for that reason.  They are to cattle what Coopworths are to sheep!  Their 'hair' is also useful for spinning exotic coarse yarns and felting uniquely useful matts and blankets and an occasional hat.   



  • Excellent Mothering
  • Easy Calving
  • Strong, Get-Up'n'Go Calves
  • Strong Foragers
  • Easy Handling
  • Low Fat, No Cholesterol Beef
  • Extreme Herding / Gathering Instinct
  • Hardiness 

Pinky Champagne Reg. #52859
5 yrs. old and bred to "Dandy Jim McGee" ... calving mid March 2019

*NOTE:  We have decided to reduce our fold and keep only two 'pet' coos...my "Pinky", Bev's "AnnaBelle", and our bull, "Apple-Jack" Allen MacKay. Breeding them will provide beef for ourselves and calves we can sell to offset the cost of feeding their moms and dad.  We will always support and promote these coos! Scottish Highlands are a heritage breed that should be appropriately bred and maintained for their genetic diversity...please do not miniaturize this breed!