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Full Moon/Spring Equinox/Snow????

Posted on March 23, 2019 at 12:00 AM

I lost the post somehow I started yesterday, the first full day of Spring 2019.  It was to be the beginning of my writing for this blog and the book that keeps burning inside my head and heart, the book that others keep telling me I have to write!  What does it mean, this full moon thing that engulfs me so, that each month I am drawn to photograph, or simply sit by and watch as it streams slowly across the sky shedding its brilliance over rock and metal and wood and sentient life in its path?  What does it mean, when the full moon occurs the same day as the Spring Equinox (or for that matter, as the 'Solstice' or Christmas or New Year's or my birthday or...) that I find myself even more excited and wanting to experience and 'breathe-in' its brilliance as it rotates around our home, our earth?  Is the fascination that I hold so dear regarding space and time and its relevance to life that intrigues me when the Moon is at its fullest, when its light reflects back to us with a message of hope and resilience that all is right with the world and as it should be? And this month, this year occurring, March 20th, 2019, on the day of the Spring Equinox, once again, the message of hope and the rebirthing of plant and animal life surfaces...all is right with the world and as it should be!  I want to dance naked in the moonlight, whisper words of wisdom to the worms and birds and frogs awakening from their long winter's sleep, and hug the ground, my dogs, my horse, the donkey, all the cows and sheep and critters who share this earth with me, and tell those I hold dearest to my heart how wonderful they are, that the Moon's fullness will blanket and protect them until, once more, when she has emptied at Dark Moon time to begin the journey again to gather the light of hope and compassion.

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