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Walking Meditation Today February 1st:  Be the DIFFERENCE in other sentient beings lives!

February Brings Surprises

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The very coldest day of 2013 to date brought 2 new little ram lambs to life unexpectedly, but very happily nursed and nurtured by one of our dearest ewes, #8519, "Star"!  Then on Valentine's a precious little and extremely healthy ewe lamb we obviously named "Val" was born early that morn--the dogs the first to alert me that we WERE lambing in spite of the fact that I had not anticipated lambs coming 'til March 1st.  Nature has its way.  This crazy weather has everything confused..Daffodils are blooming earlier than I can ever remember here, and just Monday our first little black Highland calf found its way into the world, again before I'd expected to have calves born.  Perhaps, it's a good sign that tells me soon I won't be wearing five layers to feed, filling the woodbox daily, and scrapping ice off windshields or plugging in the tractor's block heater to start it.  The Anatolian girls, Annie and Sissy, enjoy the little bits of snow that make scenting so much easier when they're out at nights patrolling the back forty; still, they sneak back to the house around 5 a.m. to take a snooze and eat a bite before we venture out to feed hay to everyone.  Gus and Woodrow, oldest and older, keep the fires burning these days, but take a stroll to frisk and frolic with the girls when I'm feeding.  Tomorrow, who knows?  Never Dull!