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www.wildnwoolly.com takes on a new look and a new emphasis this spring...you'll see more interactive ways to be in touch and share the lives of all critters--2 and 4 legged. GO WALKABOUT with us............

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Walking Meditation Today February 1st:  Be the DIFFERENCE in other sentient beings lives!

February Brings Surprises

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The very coldest day of 2013 to date brought 2 new little ram lambs to life unexpectedly, but very happily nursed and nurtured by one of our dearest ewes, #8519, "Star"!  Then on Valentine's a precious little and extremely healthy ewe lamb we obviously named "Val" was born early that morn--the dogs the first to alert me that we WERE lambing in spite of the fact that I had not anticipated lambs coming 'til March 1st.  Nature has its way.  This crazy wea...

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