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Full Moon/Spring Equinox/Snow????

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I lost the post somehow I started yesterday, the first full day of Spring 2019.  It was to be the beginning of my writing for this blog and the book that keeps burning inside my head and heart, the book that others keep telling me I have to write!  What does it mean, this full moon thing that engulfs me so, that each month I am drawn to photograph, or simply sit by and watch as it streams slowly across the sky shedding its brilliance over rock and metal and wood and sentient life in its path?  What does it mean, when the full moon occurs the same day as the Spring Equinox (or for that matter, as the 'Solstice' or Christmas or New Year's or my birthday or...) that I find myself even more excited and wanting to experience and 'breathe-in' its brilliance as it rotates around our home, our earth?  Is the fascination that I hold so dear regarding space and time and its relevance to life that intrigues me when the Moon is at its fullest, when its light reflects back to us with a message of hope and resilience that all is right with the world and as it should be? And this month, this year occurring, March 20th, 2019, on the day of the Spring Equinox, once again, the message of hope and the rebirthing of plant and animal life surfaces...all is right with the world and as it should be!  I want to dance naked in the moonlight, whisper words of wisdom to the worms and birds and frogs awakening from their long winter's sleep, and hug the ground, my dogs, my horse, the donkey, all the cows and sheep and critters who share this earth with me, and tell those I hold dearest to my heart how wonderful they are, that the Moon's fullness will blanket and protect them until, once more, when she has emptied at Dark Moon time to begin the journey again to gather the light of hope and compassion.

GONE WALKABOUT...March 1, 2019

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As I begin this journey to write more, clean up my website, and expand my horizons beyond what is comfortable, I will share the MINDBURSTS...the many thoughts, like clouds, that pass through me when I go WALKABOUT with the dogs.



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Today's walkabout was to honor my sister's dog Abbey--Abbey's ashes were scattered in the backyard by the dog-bench Sunday, laid to rest among the trees and wonderfully swampy preserve bordering my sister's new house near the Inland Waterway south of Wilmington, NC.  The walk was to honor Abbey--and Gus, who 'passed along' March 2014--and ALL THE INCREDIBLE DOGS that have been a part of our lives over a time span of 50+ years.  Little did we know that this week we would face yet the letting go that becomes necessary of yet another of our MAGICAL GUIDES, sweet, sweet Cap...Cap't. Morgan, black lab extraordinaire--Robbie's BFF companion and sidekick.  Cap has a tumor on his heart.  What lies ahead is uncertain, but likely he will be with us, now, a lesser time than in our hearts we would hope for...Life IS Uncertain!  Our passing is inevitable and of unknown timing...It's just that OUR dogs (and all creatures great and small) are FAMILY--I believe they enter our lives to teach us to trust and love, to heal us, to awaken within us the dreams we hold close--

We (of the Allen Clan) have been fortunate to have shared our stories and our experiences with some of the best dogs ever--Amber, Tippy, Queenie, Niki, Sandy, Welshie, Sam, Gus, Abbey, dogs who touched not only OUR lives but the lives of so many others...

And Some of the Best are among us Yet--Woodrow, Sis, Annie, Salty, Scout, NatNat, and Cap!!  Why I ramble is that I think DOGS teach us to LIVE IN THE MOMENT!  To hold fast to the idea that Life IS Uncertain, that to Love, to Enjoy, and to Get Back Up and Go Forward until You Just Can't is the Best Medicine Ever.  Simply.  Playfully.  Zestfully.  There's a Bone at the End of the Rainbow!

Family is Everything!!

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Just got back from Carolina Beach NC, seeing my sister Christy and my aunt Faye and being there for nephew Robbie's 30th Birthday party.  Bev kept the fire burning here at the farm-LITERALLY; fed the critters; and WALKED the dogs!  FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!  It's family who love and support you for who you are and vice versa...doesn't matter whether it's by blood or spirit that 'families'gather and share, it's that they feed your soul, your spirit, in this moment!  Ahhhhhh.........


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Walkabout Thought this morning:  Thoughts steal us from the BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT!


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Today is Freeke's 95th Birthday...for those who do not know me, Freeke has been like a mother and mentor for just shy of a century-yes, 50 years!!  I cannot make sense of that amount of time in my head.  What I do know is that I want to live with the same passionate sense of well being she portrays to this day...to do well by others, to create the art that fills me, and to share with those I love and encounter throughout my life all things given, all things received.

Today...I am REcreating this website to be simple and straightforward. It is a way for me  to share my passion for photography with all of YOU.  We--Wild 'n' Woolly Critters One 'n' All-- are ABOUT the CRITTERS--the DOGS, the SHEEP, the CATTLE, and ONE-HORSE, ONE-DONKEY, ONE-ROOSTER! 

Ground Hog's Day 2016

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It's time to "Make It Happen"!!  That's my this year's "Go To" mantra...make it happen!  Time to write that book, publish those photos, write that article, draw, paint, color, dye, and when that's done, go walkabout/rideabout!  It's all there, within each of us, waiting to erupt, waiting to emerge--beat the pavement, walk the walk.  There really is NO time like the PRESENT...the snow from Jonas is leaving and I watch the streambeds swell with the transformed snowflakes of many, the millions of water droplets collected and rolling past on their way to even larger bodies of water.  We are but a snowflake ourselves, traveling through time, unique, but every bit a part of a much larger collection of beings treading through dimensions of time and space charged with dreams and emotions, passionate about life and wanting, hoping, meaning TO MAKE IT HAPPEN....SO LET'S DO IT!!  

FEBRUARY 15TH: Coldest Day This Winter To Date / 'A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE'

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When I headed out (the only part of me exposed--my nose) this morning just before dawn to check on the sheep at the barn it was 3 degrees; The wind chill -25.  All was well, but the sheer cold cutting through the seams of my coat and Carhartt coveralls made me sense how little I enjoy the cold at 65 years of age compared to how I embraced it at 30 and at 45!  It has NOT been a bad winter--this week being the first to hold us hostage below the freezing point for more than a day.  Fortunately, no lambs or calves are expected until the end of the month, although we had a set of triplets born last Saturday, the result of our new ram having paid a visit to his harem of ewes early September last fall--a cycle ahead of schedule.  They were born on the warmest day this winter--it was 60 that afternoon!  Today it never reached 10.  

As usual, I took the dogs for a walk -- this time neither horse (RedDog) or donkey (Eoyore) would come with us.  Woodrow stayed at the house to help Bev keep the 'fires burning'.  Annie, Sis and I headed out around 1 p.m. thinking we might take a short spin up the hill and back.  I was so bundled only my eyes and nose could identify me, that is, had anyone been crazy enough to have been out and bumped into me--out there in the more than 200 acres of woods and pasture I trekked.  I looked like a walking blob of black and green squeaky goo oozing along.  All I could see from the hooded parka tucked around my face was a patch of snowy ground maybe 2' by 3' smack dab in front of me at my feet.  I simply could not see beyond the tip of my hood. I tried following what appeared to be the roadway around the woods and through the field in the far back pasture--I let Annie and Sis's dog tracks guide me.  Distances and landmarks are of little use when your total reference area is a  2' by 3' patch of ground.  Yet, what a different perspective...the world was suddenly twigs, acorns, pine cones, dog tracks, rabbit tracks, sunlight reflected off the individual snow crystals, trees snapping and whistling to the winds of winter, hawks and crows conversing...a world isolated from the expansive views and sounds I usually see and hear.  The rainbow spatterings of reflected light, the brilliance of the snow -- all appeared surreal as did the imprints left by falling twigs and branches and pine limbs.  It was a world I don't see most days when the view is, as we say, for 'as far as the eye can see'.    



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Took a few lambs to market yesterday...always hard for me, especially this time of year.  It does pay for the feed needed during gestation and lambing, a 'give back' so to speak.  But I wrestle with knowing they are being slaughtered and I am not personally able to manifest a peaceful death, so I meditate and sing for them when they leave me.  It is the best I can do.  Coming home after getting chores done, going for a walk with ALL the dogs, I walked behind the barn to hear little screeching sounds, perhaps, those of an injured animal, a wailing small fox.  We've been plagued with them this winter.  Ah, but to MY surprise, under the LAMBING tree, we call it, the old cedar behind the barn up a protected hollow, was "Star" 8519 (and her third set of triplets)*, mind you, a 'cycle' ahead of any and all expectant lambings for 2015!  TRIPLETS to start the year!! 2 ram lambs and a smaller little ewe lamb that had found her way a good 15 ft. from her mom and wanted the world to know it.  All  were fine, dried off, navel cords shriveled--they were born in the night, perhaps....my sadness left and the JOY of spring and rebirth gave me the feeling that all was right with the world!

*See the post from February 2013!  "Star"!!  Got the name right!


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Wrong or Right? Good or Bad?  There is a BIG difference no matter the source of the question we ask!