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Wool from Our Sheep to Ewe....and Much More!

        …..Wild 'n' Woolly shifts into yet 'another now' in 2015!
Celebrate the Year of the Dogs!!

Flame RedDog and Eoyore Thanksgiving Eve 2014

Just 1 Horse, "Flame RedDog", and her companion Donkey, "Eoyore" 

("Arrow" residing with the neighboring Hidden Trails Stables' horses) 

2 Livestock Guardian Dogs, "Sis" and "Annie",

the Farm-Dog Extraordinaire,"Woodrow" 

Wednesday's neighbor's milk cow

and an occasional Eagle passing through

……specializing in 

Raw, Washed, Dyed & Carded COOPWORTH Wool


in Honor of "Gus"  

Here's a Hat / Scarf made of our Dyed COOPWORTH Locks and handspan COOPWORTH yarn ...


Wild 'n' Woolly farm specializes in raw, washed, dyed, & carded wool

 handspun, felted, & knitted goodies

  supplies and much more 

 Call or email us for details & pricing……… 




Annie and Sis, our Anatolian Sister Guardians 

Napping on a COLD WINTER'S DAY!  

(I just had to throw this in…They're such great dogs! Out all Night...Asleep by Day) 

You may remember us from our Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Booth:  Barn 3 Space 1 


 ……..all the colors of the rainbow and then some! 


In maintaining a more personal touch to our business, we prefer to take orders from you "the old-fashioned way"--by phone (304-897-6820) or email (wildnwoollyfarm@gmail.com)!  



Recent Photo of our Coopworth Ewes in the Snow 


For more than 30 years, we have raised COOPWORTH SHEEP that genetically stem from New Zealand Registered CSSNZ Coopworths imported to the US in 1979. They produce twins and often triplets; large, lustrous, silky soft fleeces; and mild, succulent tasting lamb.  



The older 'sister' Anatolian LGD, "Little Sis", helping to rescue a lamb outside the barn in the snow!

No. 509 and her first lamb…"509" was a yearling then.  We called her Piglet…she is Pig's daughter, and herself, a triplet.  Normally, we don't breed ewe lambs, but that's not to say they don't sometimes breed! 


We also raise/graze registered AHCA SCOTTISH HIGHLAND cattle! Highland cattle are docile, hardy, easy calvers, and excellent foragers--traits exhibited by our sheep. Highlands produce a soft undercoat 'hair' for felting and crafts and mild, low fat, exceptional tasting beef. 




Registered AHCA Highland Bull,"Glenfiddich", one of the very nicest bulls you'll ever meet!

"Maggie" and her two-year old daughter, "Silver Queen" 



Pinky Champagne--Maggie's daughter from this spring, sired by Glenfiddich. 


Our Sheep and Cattle are raised "organically and naturally"--almost wholly on pasture and treated with essential oil therapies.  No antibiotics and no vaccines are used unless absolutely and without question necessary and only as a last resort.  A barley mix is fed to the ewes and cows during lambing and calving when there is too little grass to support their needs nutritionally.  The ewes are supplemented with 2nd and 3rd growth alfalfa hay we purchase locally during gestation / lactation.


The farm is located in the eastern Alleghenies, an hour west of the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, nestled in a most beautiful mountain valley, my father once compared to that of 'Little Tibet" of surprisingly unique flora and fauna. 




We thank you & hope you'll visit our site often to see changes in photos and news events and maybe even, HOPE"S Ramblings from time to time.  The good news is Hope's finally figured out how to manipulate and manage this site…WooHoo 2015!





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